Shahin and Elnaz Wedding Day / by Bao Loi


Wedding season is here and it seems like everyone around me is getting married or are planning to. With that I would like to say congrats to all the newly engaged and married couples out there! I pray that God will bless you on your new journey together - not only with each other but with the family that you have right behind you. That's something I find great about weddings; the union of two wonderful people and their families. It becomes something so much more than an individualistic idea of two people giving up their lives for each another, to see pass differences and work through the love. What weddings reveals to us that the love of family is so important.

When it comes to Shahin and Elnaz, this is what I felt so present at their wedding. Family from near and far came for their special day and the joy they brought to the couple was incomparable to any other wedding. You can see it in their attitude that day. As you may know, brides and grooms don't often get to relax and enjoy their wedding because it's so stressful! But from what I saw, Elnaz always had a smile on her face and Shahin had a great time at every moment! (or they were really good at acting.) They had a great family that brought them joyful smiles and cheek kisses almost every moment through the day. The family was so happy for these two and was not afraid to show it.

There seems to be something I've notice at Persian parties that definitely unites people...that is dancing and they can really dance!....For hours they can dance! I've been to a few Persian parties with this family specifically because I'm a good friend of the bride's cousin. Everything time there is a party, I can count on there being loud music with a wide range of ages on the dance floor. I loved it! I love seeing different customs in different cultures...I think it's quite beautiful. :)

The following is the story of Shahin and Elnaz. I hope you enjoy!