Don and Uyen


Love is the one thing that has the ability to bring upon us both life and dead at the same time. We see it everyday throughout our lives in very small gestures to large planned ideas. It could be the little child at recess living it up and then having to leave to head back to class, or the high school lovers' first kiss that eventually leads to their first goodbyes. Perhaps it's in a mother's touch that comforts her baby, only to know that 18 years her little one will comfort her as he leaves. What is it about love that drives us? What is it about love that captivates our total being? A priest, who is also a dear friend of mine, once spoke to a congregation about marriage and he said, "Do you know why a bride dresses up in white?" The congregation said, "no." He responds, "Because this is the happiest day of her life. She's filled with joy, hope and love and that is what her dress symbolizes." He pauses. "Now, do you know why a man wears black?...." The congregation begins to laugh. "Black means death.."

What he said does have a big point. Love makes a man give up his life and sacrifice everything for his bride. He dies to himself and knows that the rest of his life he has to place his bride's desires before his own. Like wise, the bride comes in to this new life wholly and with pure love for her husband!

I see the answer to this question in the love between Don and Uyen; it's pure, whole and innocent. I see it in their laughs together, in how he speaks to her and in his patience. I see it in her smile at him, in how she responds and in how she supports him. And I see it in the process that took them here; how they were so serious with their marriage and invested in it with marriage preparation class. They were able to see they beauty in each other and in their relationship and it drove them closer and closer together.

I have to say that I have been truly bless to be able to have met these two. This is one thing I love about what I do; I get to meet new people and learn so much from them. Overall, the wedding was just amazing and the church was spectacular! I couldn't have done it without the people from Dakota Piper Events. They planned this wedding and were such a huge part of making the day run smoothly. If you every need a wedding planner, check them out here !

Here is the story of Don and Uyen. I hope you enjoy!