Viking and Mimi : I'll Be Right Beside You

I've always been that "hopeless romantic" guy. Growing up I knew that girls were like princesses and they should be treated as such - you had to be kind, patient and sweep her off her feet with every chance you get. You walk her to the car, open every door, give her the jacket when she's cold. It was about loving as much as you could in the most genuine way and with all your heart. Then you start to think to your self, "She's going to be my wife! This is the one!"...Right?

Till this day I still believe that girls are princesses, but along the way, like many, I was face with the question, "is this person the right one for me" or "am I the right one for her?" Anyone who has been in a serious relationship knows this feeling. It's a question that lingers deep in our hearts at times. Through the joys we hear it and through struggles we feel it..."what if." It's somehow always the bad "what ifs" and never the good.

But that has definitely changed. I've learned that focusing on the bad "what ifs" will only limit my ability to love someone. "What if I'm not made for her? What if someone is better?" These questions reduces the opportunities we have to fully try our hardest to be with them and slowly, but surely, the relationship drifts apart. Instead it should be, "What if I can care for her more? or "What if I can treat her better?" These positives allows us to appreciate the time we have with that special person, whether they will be with us in the end or not. I believe that there is someone out there for you, but that someone is whom you choose to be with and God somehow does have his hand in that process of bring you two toward each other.  For me, how you know if a person is made for you is when you see them at the alter and they're exchanging their vows to love you unconditionally for the rest of your life!

I mean love definitely is an effort and to love someone requires commitment! You can't commit to being the best football player without putting in your share of two-a-days, or going all-in on a bluff without the facial confidence to act the part! That is the story of Viking and Mimi. They trust each other and wanted to be with one another. It was their decision, even being in a long distant relationship for a good amount of time, love each other. They knew that they wanted to be together.

I've known Mimi for a few years now and she has the sweetest heart. She's so kind and loving to people and I'm so happy that she is with Viking because he is such a great guy as well! I wouldn't do any justice in telling you about the proposal or the story behind it, so here is the story straight from Viking:

One night I snuck her out to the beach. I had done research about the constellations during the month of December. The most prominent and visible one was Orion's Belt. So that night I took her to the beach and it was only just us on the beach late in the night. We began talking about a long distant relationship. We knew it would be difficult but we decided to give it a try. So I told her that every time she feels lonely or misses me, she could always look up at night at the stars. If she looked close enough, she'll see Orion's Belt. Every time she sees Orion's Belt, she'll see me and I'll be right beside her. That's been our calling card ever since. Every time we see Orion's Belt we always remember our long distant relationship. It kept us together. The idea of doing this proposal at the beach was to remember the decision we made to stay together. I chose the beach setting so that we could make another important decision again...this time to get married.

Can't wait to see you guys at the alter!

Here is the story of Viking's surprise proposal to Mimi! I hope you enjoy!