West I-10 Fire Station #3


Once again, Randall-Porterfield Architects invited me to photograph a recently finish project, West I-10 Fire Station #3. They're the same architects that designed this project! It was an honor working with them and and being able to speak to some of the heroes who were on staff during the photo shoot. I learned so much about how the fire station is designed to make the work flow more efficient during chaotic and life-threatening situation. For instance, the design of the apparatus bay doors (don't you just love them?) responds to the speed the trucks exit the bay; they open horizontally like an accordion instead of vertically like a typical garage. Because of the urgency of any given situation, the driver of the fire truck must be quick to leave the station. Upon driving out the station, the top of the fire truck would typically hit a garage door that opens vertically, resulting in damage to the garage and vehicle. By designing the bay doors to open like an accordion, it allows fire trucks to exit the apparatus much more safer and faster. Now that's innovative/clever/smart thinking!